A Recap Of 2021

A Recap Of 2021

Yes - 2021 just ended. So, today, decided to write down some 2021 highlights of mine.


At the personal level, in January - 2021, I've finally moved to Portugal. After five years in France, a country where I've lived amazing experiences - it's cool to finally have a home in a place that feels like "home" to me.


It's been 1 year and 6 months since that I've joined the Laravel core team and I still love it. The team is fantastic, and we really care about each other. My job continues to be around the products Forge and Vapor.

In 2021, the team managed to ship a lot of features in Forge and Vapor. There is an extensive list of things we have done together, yet, the ones I've got the most fun with are probably Forge CLI, Vapor Managed Firewalls, and creating my first video course ever: Learn Laravel Vapor.

Learn Laravel Vapor Video Series
Learn Laravel Vapor is an ongoing video series by Laravel employee Nuno Maduro. This series walks you through everything you need to get started with Vapor.

Also in 2021, I've worked closely in the open-source part of Laravel: added parallel testing, prunable models, generic types on collections, a new password rule object, and more. In addition, worked closely with the team adding PHP 8.1 support across the entire Laravel ecosystem - this "task" was massive.

Public Speaking

As usual, I've made public speaking around my open-source projects and Laravel. Of course, due to the travel restrictions, all events were online. The two biggest conferences I've participated in in 2021 were Laracon Online Winter and Laracon Online Summer.

You can find some more videos of talks of mine here: nunomaduro.com/talks.

Also, in 2021, I've participated in podcasts / live streams such as 4 Laracon Online community parties, 2 Laravel Internals podcast, and multiple events on Freek's YouTube channel.


On January 7th - 2021, PEST v1.0 was finally out! After 400+ commits, 3 betas, seven months - and endless hours of open-source contributions - PEST finally reached its first stable public release. Of course, it would not have been possible without all the community support, and the entire team behind this project.

And, according to @jetbrains, in July 19th 2021 - just 7 months since the stable version - @pestphp was already the second most-used PHP Testing Framework in the world:

In December 2021, PEST near crossed 1,000,00 downloads - and already had Parallel Testing, Higher Order Expectations, and was included as official "preset" option of Laravel, Jetstream, and Breeze. In addition, Spatie has made a premium video course about it: testing-laravel.com, and we managed to make 3 official Pest meetups: youtube.com/nunomaduro. Also, Laracasts made a video about it.

More Open Source

Finally, and as usual, I've dedicated some of my free time to maintaining the multiple open source projects I've created during my career: Laravel Zero, Collision, PHP Insights, Larastan, Pest, and more. It's particularly important to highlight that PHP Insights v2 (1.6 M downloads) got released in 2021, just like Larastan v1(6M downloads).

Of course, maintaining all those codebases alone wouldn't be possible - so I am very thankful to multiple people that help me: Owen Voke, Oliver Nybroe, Caneco, JiBé Barth, Can Vural, Luke Downing, and many others!

Also during 2021, I've created a few new open source projects like: Laracon Schedule, Serializable Closure, Patrol, PHP Interminal, and Termwind.

By the end of 2021, I've also started a new open-source project: Web 3 PHP - a project that Makes PHP Web3 development more productive and enjoyable. The code and documentation are currently under development and are subject to change. Yet, having a lot of fun understanding why so many smart people and powerful companies are investing a lot in this technology.

That's it for 2021. Be sure to check my recap from 2020:

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