Collision v5.0 released

Collision v5.0 released

With Laravel 8 coming soon, today I am glad to announce the release of Collision v5.0. 🥳

Note: Collision v5.0 is meant for Laravel 8. Better wait for the release of Laravel 8 before updating your composer.json.
💥 Collision is a beautiful error reporting tool for command-line applications - nunomaduro/collision

In case you don't know, Collision is the package used by Laravel to give you beautiful error reporting when interacting with your app through the command line. Besides, since Laravel 7, it also adds the Artisan test command making debugging tests lightning fast.

With more than 28 million downloads, the new version v5.0 makes the console development even better. Let's see the changes we`ve merged into this release:

Artisan test command no longer stops on failure

At first, we wanted the Artisan test command to automatically stop on failure because we thought developers would use this command for TDD only. But, thanks to the amazing feedback from the community, we decided the fixed the behavior, and making it optional just like normal:

php artisan test --stop-on-failure

And, of course, as you can see on the screenshot, the summary of errors will be displayed at the end with the detail of each error.

UI Updates

Next, we also have improved in multiple places the UI output of Collison on the console. As an example, the icons used during Artisan test command got an amazing update:

Another example is the editor output that got also nice tweaks:

Laravel 8 and PHP 8 support

Also, the source code is now ready for Laravel 8 that will be released on September 8th, and it supports PHP 8 that will be released on November 26th. This one may sound small for you, but takes hours to make sure things will work as expected when those new technologies will be released.

And more! Thanks for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoy this new release! 🎉

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