Laravel Zero v7.1.0 released

Laravel Zero v7.1.0 released

Laravel Zero v7.1.0 is released, here are the changes we`ve merged into this release:

Default command now accepts arguments and options

By default, Laravel Zero will always run the ListCommand from Symfony when no command name is passed. And using the config/commands.php, you could already change this default command.

But, this feature had a limitation: you couldn't pass any argument or option to the default command because they were ignored.

Thanks to @stauffermatt's contribution, all the arguments and options are now proxied to the default command.

lambo projectName --preset=tailwindcss

On the example above, "lambo" is the application, "projectName" is an argument of the default command, and the "--preset" is an option of the default command. Check out his pull request:

In addition, Matt also made the process of contribution to the core of the Laravel Zero framework on his livestream! Check it out:

Thanks, Matt!

Remember: Laravel Zero is a community project, there are many opportunities to contribute to the whole Laravel Zero ecosystem.

We hope you enjoy this new release! 🎉

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