PHP Insights v1.12 is out!

PHP Insights v1.12 is out!

Thanks to @jibbarth, @OliverNybroe, bastien-phi, and @sierrafayad - @phpinsights is v1.12 is finally out, with new awesome goodies.

Colors per category

With this new version, visualizing the list of errors becomes easier than ever. Each section of the errors will have its color. As an example, the section Code contains a blue color, while the section Complexity contains a green color.

Thanks @sierrafayad, for this contribution!

Better validation of Type Hints

We also now support Slevomat Coding Standard v6, so we added 4 new insights:

This new insights, will impact you only if you are using  PHP 7.4+. If your phpDocs contains something that can be written as a native PHP 7.4+ typehint, this insights reports that.

Thanks bastien-phi, for this contribution!

This is a community project, there are many opportunities to contribute! Feel free to contact me on twitter: @enunomaduro.

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Thanks, I hope you enjoy this new release! 🎉

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