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Scout Extended: The Full Power of Algolia in Laravel

I am thrilled to announce the release of Scout Extended — the official Algolia Laravel integration. Built on top of the latest release of…

Static Factory Methods: Part 1 — Readability

Just published a new video explaining how “static factory methods” can improve the code readability in PHP.

Laravel Zero 5.7 Is Now Available

I’m thrilled to announce the release of Laravel Zero 5.7. It features the optional installation of Laravel Queues, introduces humbug/box…

Introducing Larastan — Alpha

I just released the Alpha version of Larastan! Here is a presentation on how it works, the upcoming developments and improvements

Laravel Zero 5.6 Is Now Available

I’m thrilled to announce the release of Laravel Zero 5.6. On this article, I will show you some highlights of this brand new version.

Illuminate your career 💡

If you are a developer, this article is for you. In this article, I will share some tips that made my career grow and you may find them…

Laravel Console Task

This week I wrote a small package that you may find interesting for your Laravel Artisan commands. The package is called “Laravel Console…

First episode of a brand new video series: “Laravel Zero From Scratch”

Hey folks, I am creator of the community project Laravel Zero and I just launched a new series on youtube called “Laravel Zero From…

Collision — Better debug workflow with PHPUnit and Laravel

Few weeks ago I released a package called Collision, the main objective was to provide a pretty error handler on command-line/console…

Let’s Build a console app with Laravel Zero

Hey folks, today I will like to show you an pratical example of how to build an console application with Laravel Zero.